Adult Faith

Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)

Our Parish's "Growing in Faith Together" (GIFT) group meets on Thursday evenings at 7.40pm in Sacred Heart Hall. We offer talks, prayer and reflections on a number of themes related to our faith and the scriptures. Details of current activities can be found in our parish newsletters.

House Groups

House Groups meet in the homes of members of the parish, weekly over a period of five or six weeks. During these meetings, the members of the group watch or listen to a DVD or CD presentation (typically from the CaFE or York Courses series) and spend time in discussion in order to deepen their faith and their friendship. Meetings are held at several different houses, on various days of the week and at various times to ensure that everyone who wants to can join a House Group. Details of these and other activities can be found in our parish newsletters.

Child-Friendly Prayer Group

The child-friendly prayer group meets weekly on Wednesday mornings in Sacred Heart Hall. Parents or grandparents with pre-school children are welcome to bring them along. Further details can be obtained from the Presbytery (01702 465720).